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Schwarzenegger At The Geneva Motor Show

Dear Governor:

You are the chief executive of our fine State of California. There are incredibly large problems facing California and the US. As a movie super hero, and as the Governor of the most populous state in the Union, we look to you for leadership in this time of economic crisis, high unemployment, rising crime, poverty and homelessness, across the board budget cuts and tax increases, unaffordable health care, home foreclosures, delayed state income tax refunds, drought and legislative impasse. Americans are losing their jobs in the tens of thousands. The US auto industry is in the tank and Californian production at NUMMI is at a standstill.

So we were a wee surprised to see a report from TheGarageBlog.com that you were in Geneva, Switzerland kicking the tires on a Porsche 911 GT3. Nothing says I care and want to help my fellow Californians like flying half way around the world to be photographed smiling behind the wheel of a $115,000 foreign super sportscar with a top track speed of 194 mph. Really, we have no problem with it if you are buying one for every Californian, but, we kind of doubt that. At least you can show you empathize with the little man - if he's got $115,000 to play with.

Thank you Governor.