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Countryman Firetrucks Coming To London

news.co.au reports, in part:
FIREFIGHTERS in London will respond to emergency calls in the capital in red Mini Coopers in a bid to avoid growing congestion on the roads and attend fires quicker.

It may sound like the plot of The Italian Job, but the Mini Cooper cars will be deployed across the city fire stations to provide a rapid first response capability at fires.

The Minis were trialed during the London Olympics last year and can carry six fire extinguishers as well as other equipment and can cut through the London traffic and narrow roads in the city.
The move will help fire stations ensure more Triple 9 emergency call outs can be attended to within a promoted target of six minutes.

Each of the $30,000 Countryman model Minis will carry two firefighters and with the back seats folded down can carry all their equipment as well as the six extinguishers and a large medical kit including defibrillators.