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Will U.S. Drivers Buy A MINI Diesel?

We have always hoped so but put it in the hatchback and convertible. MotoringFile says, in part:
, , , several of our sources have indicated that MINI USA is currently planning to bring at least one diesel model to the US. We believe this model incorporate the “SD” version of the BMW Group 2.0L diesel engine that produces 143hp and a healthy 225 lf-ft of torque in EU spec. What does that translate into? In the current R56 hatch it means 8.1 seconds 0-60 and efficiency anywhere from 57-65 mpg on the Euro cycle. That translates into something likely close to 50 mpg on the highway for the R56 and, likely 5-7 mpg less for the Countryman. All told pretty astounding efficiency with very respectable performance.

But if it comes, it will at a price. We’d expect the premium over the standard Cooper S to be anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 – at least. And we also expect it to be available on the Countryman and Paceman initially with the option potentially showing up in the R56 replacement, the F56.

So with those numbers in mind, is a diesel MINI something you’d consider if you’re in the US? Would you pay for more efficiency with added torque?

In our opinion that's unfortunate and here's why - the MINI Cooper D Convertible is the most eco-friendly open-top MINI model with MINI performance. Don't take our word for it - read this 3D Car Shows article about the results of research by the ÖKOTREND Institute for Environmental Research.