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Driver Excitement Analyser Added To MINI Connected

Canada's autonet.ca's Daniel Barron reports on the newest software introduced for MINI Connected - the Driver Excitement Analyser:
It works in conjunction with the driver’s iPhone, offering feedback and “Experience Points” (XP) based on how safely and skillfully those behind the wheel drive.

For instance, drivers will earn “maximum” XP for completing an upshift in less than 1.2 seconds, and within the ideal rev range. This is known as a “Perfect change up” with MINI Connected.

The system doesn’t focus just on being fast, though. Smoothness and safety play an important role in earning XP. Not only will a driver will be shut out of earning points if the vehicle detects, for example, excessively sharp braking or “erratic” cornering, a warning will also be displayed.

The driver can be promoted to a new level every time he or she earns 100 points, and with each subsequent level reached, digital badges can be collected.

Like most other MINI Connected features, The Driving Excitement Analyser works by connecting an iPhone to the vehicle using an audio/video adapter. Additional features that already exist include connectivity to Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, as well as web radio and news updates via RSS feeds.