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Technology Tell Reviews The 2015 MINI Cooper S

Calling it a "Mighty Mite" Technology Tell reviews the 2015 MINI Cooper S. It concludes, in part:
Instead of the 1.6-liter mill in the other MINI Cooper, this one has a 2.0 liter BMW-sourced turbo pushing out 189 horsepower and 207 ft-lbs of torque. That’s pretty darn respectable in a package that is supposed to achieve 38 MPG on the highway.

We’ll get into the feature set later in the week, but unfortunately you do not get the world’s largest speedometer in the center of the dash in a MINI anymore. Instead, the speedometer is placed in front of you with a few ancillary gauges, and the center is now dominated by the new MINI infotainment system. However, surrounding the infotainment is the wonderfully cheeky — and sometimes distracting — cluster of LED lights. The binnacle can act as a tachometer, a volume-setting reminder, or to tell you what driving mode you are in.

Give us a day to let it sink in, and we’ll get to talking about how it all works. One thing we can say: It is nice to have the go-kart handling stay with the vehicle, especially in this latest iteration.