Annual Mt. Hamilton Run for Absent Friends - May 5, 2019

Hi Everyone, Sunday May 5th is a very special run for our club. It is our annual Mt. Hamilton Run for Absent Friends to remember loved...

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Is it or is it not going to be produced? INAUTONEWS now is unsure whether the Superleggera will be green lighted for production based on comments by Peter Schwarzenbauer. However, it also says:
A company insider stated that if it will indeed catch the production line, than the MINI Superleggera will be coming out with a starting price of approximately 35,000 euros. Its design is expected to be slightly updated but it won’t be that different from the one of the concept car. The cabin will be maintaining its minimalist design and customers will still get to enjoy the premium leather and the aluminum trim if MINI decides to introduce such a vehicle but judging by the fact that the brand is playing safe, chances are we will not see a production version of it in the near future.