Sonora Run - Sunday June 9, 2024

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Humboldt County - Avenue of the Giants and More

*** UPDATED APRIL 19, 2017

New time & meeting place as well as a new route. 

I highly suggest you bring some food, water, drinks to have with you for this trip. There are very few facilities on CA-36. 
We will now depart from Vacaville.  Due to 101 road closure in Leggett, we will go from Vacaville to Red Bluff, then head West along CA-36 towards Fortuna.

CA-36 is described as 140 miles of twist heaven. From what I’ve read it has a very good road surface ,though it does get a little rough in spots farther west, and the center line briefly disappears for a few miles farther west . There are lots of places without guardrails ,and long drops ,so be careful!!!.

Depending on the time of day we make it to the end at US 101, we might go into Ferndale to look around before driving down to Garberville.  We’ll have to play it ear as there are a few places along this road that has 1-way control in place and there will probably be more traffic than usual due to the Leggett /101 closure. 

On Sunday, we'll get up early to drive the Avenue of the Giants. Sunday’s agenda will depend on the status of 101 closure. If open, we will go to the North entrance to begin our journey home.  If 101 is not open, we will begin our journey at the South entrance before heading East on Hwy 36 retracing our journey we originally took on Saturday.



7:30 AM/8:00 AM
Peet's Coffee
Nut Tree Plaza, 1671 E Monte Vista Ave,
Vacaville, CA 95688

Either pick something up on Red Bluff or bring your own food.  There are very few facilities on Hwy 36.  Bring your own food, snacks, water and other drinks.

We will be stopping in Red Bluff to fill up our cars and have a restroom break before we begin our journey on CA 36.

Humboldt House Inn
701 Redwood Drive, Garberville, California, 95542

Includes full breakfast for everyone in your room
Wine/Cheese reception 5:30-7:30PM
Free Wifi
All area restaurants are within walking distance


SUNDAY - APRIL 23, 2017

Have breakfast at hotel before we departure. There's a complimentary full hot breakfast, Omelets and sausage, Biscuits and gravy available.

Be sure to fill up too!


The plan for Sunday will depend on whether or not 101 is open.  Details will be discussed at the morning driver’s meeting.

Reminder - we have t-shirts and magnetic grill badges and stickers available. See all the NorCal MINIs club swag.