Sonora Run - Sunday June 9, 2024

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Upcoming Club Officer Nominations

Hi Members!

In less than one month I will be sending an email out to all of the PAID members requesting your nominations for club officer positions or your volunteering & willingness to hold one of the club's officer positions.

In case you're not aware, NorCal MINIs is a 501c not for profit corporation. As a 'not for profit', we have a full board with officers & directors who carry-out various duties in support of everyone that is a paid member. NorCal MINIs also has a complete Constitution and Bylaws with full details on how we govern the club.  

NorCal MINIs, started back in 2003, has been a great, welcoming club for all MINI enthusiasts. Strong bonds and friendships have developed among our members and we've traveled many, many miles together leaving us with countless stories from the road.

It is imperative to have a full functioning board of officers to maintain our 501c status.

From our Constitution & Bylaws:

a. The President will notify the membership, through the Club website or email, of the time and place of the regular meeting at which nominations may be submitted.
b. Members may nominate anyone, but any nominee may elect to opt out of running for office.


a. A list of candidates will be entertained under the title of each office established in Article V, Sections B and C of the Constitutions.

b. Officers who express a desire to run for re-election will be listed
c. Nominations from the floor will be listed.


a. Nominees are required to make themselves aware of the obligations of the office as listed in article of the Constitution and Addendum thereof.


The President may elect to have the list of nominees published on the Club website along with their submitted summaries and qualifications prior to the date and time set for elections along with the time, date, and location of the meeting at which the election of Officers will take place. 


i. Preside at all general membership and Leadership Board
meetings as defined in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Club.
ii. Enforce these bylaws.
iii. Formulate meeting themes and set agendas.
iv. Maintain a file of monthly financial reports (folder in Club’s
Google Account) as received from the Financial Officer.
v. Appoint individuals to complete the unexpired term of an officer
or director when vacancies occur.
vi. Appoint a person to oversee the maintenance, preparation and
operation of the Club Web Site. May also be done by the
President if she/he is so qualified to do so.
vii. Have the authority to sign, along with the Financial/Treasurer
Officer, all checks and contracts in the Club’s name
viii. Be responsible for carrying out the decisions of the membership.

Vice President
i. Preside over Club meetings as defined in the Bylaws of the
Constitution when the President is not available.
ii. Assist the President in formulating the needs of the Club,
including arranging meetings.
iii. Assist the President in event organization and any other duties.

Financial/Treasurer Officer
i. Maintain the Clubs financial records and account.
ii. Implement financial policy as prescribed in the bylaws of the
iii. Keep books of accounts in accordance with generally accepted
accounting practices and provide a financial report at each Club
meeting for review and approval of the Officers.
iv. Provide the Club President and Vice President with a monthly
financial report on both the bank & PayPal accounts.
v. Along with the Leader, have the authority to sign checks and
contracts; collect all dues, moneys and other remuneration from
all sources, especially from other officers
vi. Make an annual financial report showing income statement and
balance sheet at the last meeting of his or her term.

Membership/Secretary Officer
i. Prepare minutes for the club officers.
ii. Accept new membership application and annual dues payments.
iii. Maintain a file of original applications and maintain all
membership database records.
iv. Activate and deactivate online members as needed.
v. Welcome all new members with a welcome packet, and advise
all fellow officers of new members
vi. Suggest and guide new members to website and/or Facebook
group in order to register and sign up for events
vii. Keep all membership related forms on website current
viii. At the last meeting of his or her term, shall relinquish the
membership records and associated membership forms to their

Social Media/Communication Officer
i. Inform the Club on the appropriate use of social media tools to
promote and manage social media activities for the club.
ii. Promote effective and productive community engagement
through all social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter &
Instagram, etc.
iii. Educate Facebook Admins on their duties in our effort attract
new members and keep current ones informed of Club and other
MINI related event.
iv. Maintain official NCM events on the FB page and Gmail calendar,
but with little detail followed by informing paid members the full
details via email.
v. Minimize miscommunication or mischievous communications,
including the monitoring of inappropriate content.
Over the next month, please think about how you can help your club.

Christine Toibin, 
President, NorCal MINIs