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NorCal Annual BBQ and Drive – July 1st 2018

It was gorgeous sunny Sunday morning for the run. Our start and finish for the run was East Bay MINI in Pleasanton. People started to arrive at the dealership from 8.30am lining up their cars in two rows in the area between MINI and BMW. Whilst we waited for others to arrive – coffee and doughnuts were served courtesy of East Bay MINI and draw tickets were handed out. 
A total of 26 cars and 40+ people had arrived in time for the 9.30am start. Most of the people attending were experienced and used to the NorCal MINI’s format – but we also had some new people on the run. In fact one of the people attending had only signed up 2 days prior. Now that’s commitment!!

After the drivers meeting we set off on the drive traveling together which I believe was quite a sight to see on the streets of Pleasanton on a sunny Sunday morning. My wife even received a text from a friend saying she had just seen all the cars together.

Our route took us out towards Foothill Road and then down the back way towards Castro Valley avoiding the 580 freeway. Once in Castro Valley – we headed out on Redwood Road for some good twisties – stopping only a couple of times to regroup back together. After several miles we took a turn onto Pinehurst Road to head towards Moraga – again with some nice twisting roads for the cars. The group arrived into south Walnut Creek before turning south to come back towards Danville – again avoiding the 690 freeway. The final stage of the journey was to head out towards Tassajara before heading back into Pleasanton and returning to East Bay MINI for our BBQ.

For the majority of the drive – we managed to keep all the cars together which was an amazing feat. My thanks to all the drivers for sticking together and particularly to Steve & Tina Sandke for being mid car and Dolores & Rick Quintero-Sanchez for taking the caboose – a job which is always difficult!!

Once back at East Bay MINI – we all parked out cars up and headed to the showroom for the remainder of the event. The dealership had set up tables for us, provided us with drinks and was in the process of cooking a great BBQ. Whist the food was being prepared we held our draw. All the prizes were gifted to us from East Bay MINI. We had quite a few to give out – so many people were happy.

Once the draw was over – our MINIacs tucked into their food and many opted to take pictures with my new little classic – Bobby whom I had taken along for his first club meeting!

Overall – it was a great turn out, a good drive (which for many was the first time driving those roads) and a great party after.

The club would particularly like to send sincere thanks to the East Bay MINI team that supported this event and particularly to Bekka Murray for her fabulous co-ordination. We are so happy that after some time that NorCal MINI’s and East Bay MINI are collaborating again.


P.S. Check out the details for the upcoming August Run to Lake Tahoe!!!