Jack London State Park & Wine Tasting Run January 19, 2019

Mystery Run Details - March 24, 2019

Hi Everyone, 

Sunday, March 24th is our Mystery Run.

We'll be driving North, South, East & West.  Get your Sunday projects completed & prepare for Monday early as we'll be leaving later in the day than our regular runs.  Sleep in you non-early risers!

Your Hosts For The Event:
Christine & Michael Toibin

Meeting Time/Departure Time:

1502 N Vasco Rd
Livermore, CA

Have your lunch before or at our meeting location, as it is not part of the run.

You will need $6 (fee went up January 1st) for a bridge toll (or your FasTrak) and $10 per car for - I can't tell you what it is for, that would giveaway what we're doing, but it is $10 per car.

While not an official part of the run, those who want to, can gather together for an evening meal. I will have more on this after we do our unnamed activities.

Have yourself and your MINI picture-pefect ready. You don't want to miss sunset.

That's it - those are all the detail you will be given.  

Have your radios and big smiles ready!

If you are bringing a dog(s) or other animal with you, I MUST know ahead of time and they MUST be very well behaved.  Please email me at: catoibin@gmail.com if you are bring a dog or other animal. 

Christine Toibin

By the way if you are not a fully paid member of NorCal Minis there is a $5.00 fee for the event but can be applied to your membership fee for the year if you join up. Check out the details below:

Create your MotorSportReg Account and Join Today! Use the NorCal MINIs Membership link below:

NorCal MINIs Membership

Instructions for joining MotorSportReg and joining NorCal MINIs can be found in the following document: Instructions