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RECAP Paso Robles to Santa Barbara Overnight Run February 2020

Paso Robles to Santa Barbara (via Foxen Canyon and San Marco Pass)

Your Hosts: Simon and Nikki Tildesley

Our first overnight run of the year started in Paso Robles. This run gave people the options to start their weekend on Friday or Saturday. For those who opted for the additional Friday night stay – some of us took the option to visit the Sensorio Field of Light to enjoy the creation by Bruce Munro. See the photos link below for some great pictures.

Saturday morning gave us a later than normal start to allow for those who had not opted for the Friday night stay to drive down to Paso Robles without having to start too early. The day start chilly with the threat of some showers all day but the usual coffee at the drivers meeting kept us warm. 13 MINI’s were going to drive this event, which was taking us on some new roads for the club. 

We set off from Paso Robles taking US 101 before heading onto Highway 46 passing many wineries. Some miles down the road, the group turned off onto Old Creek Road giving us 9 miles for pure fun twisties allowing us to enjoy our MINI’s more.

Old Creek Road led us on the infamous Highway 1 where we drove south towards Pismo Beach. Exiting Highway 1, the group proceeded to pass through Pismo Beach so we could continue on Highway 1 South towards Santa Maria. Unfortunately, the group got a little split up in Pismo Beach due to the number of turns and stop signs with some of the group passing in opposite directions. However, with a 5 min wait on the side of the road – the group was back together and we continued our journey.

As was continued our drive south – we drove through the vast farmlands of California before making a short comfort break in Santa Maria. Heading from Santa Maria – we picked up the Foxen Canyon Road which was the second opportunity on this trip to enjoy some twistities and get our MINI's doing what they do best – have some fun!!

Leaving the twisties behind – we turned onto Highway 154 (San Marco Pass) which is a great driving road. Lots of good paving and clear views of the road ahead. Our lunch stop was now only a matter of a few minutes away at the Cold Spring Tavern.
As we arrived at the tavern later than planned – we unfortunately lost our seating reservation. I was not able to call ahead as there was no phone service in the mountains. This did not spoil lunch though as plan B kicked in. We grabbed a tri-tip sandwich from the walk up counter, and sat outside with a beer and enjoyed the atmosphere. The tavern is a bizarre little place and well worth a visit if you are ever in the area.

After our late lunch, it was time for the final part of the drive to head down the San Marco pass into Santa Barbara. This is a great piece of road as the roads clings to the mountainside and gives great views out towards the Pacific Ocean. Once in Santa Barbara – everyone split off to their own respective hotels. The evening didn’t have any particular agenda – people made their own arrangements and just enjoyed the city for what it had to offer.

The Sunday optional run to the military museum didn’t take place as most people had opted to do their own thing.

A great run on some great roads.

Simon & Nikki 

Check out the great pictures from the run.

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