Sonora Run - Sunday June 9, 2024

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Dolores Quintero-Sanchez - Member Profile

Dolores Quintero-Sanchez - Member Profile

Dolores, Rick & Vanessa

I am Dolores Quintero Sanchez and the current NorCal Mini Treasurer. I became a car enthusiast even before I began driving. I love sports cars and the need for speed J. I purchased my first Mini R55 (Clubby) in 2010. I had always like Minis, but the lack of cargo space was a problem for me and my work. I drove Dolorus (#1) and had to have her. She was a basic model and the only clubby at the dealership! This picture was one of her very fun runs we took as a family and won the NorCal photo contact!

After we joined the club and got more involved and gained a better insight into the mini culture, I traded her for Dolorus (#2). I have had her since 2013 and I moved up to an “S” to get the turbo going! I have taken her on numerous club runs and 2 MTTS across the US. My daughter Vanessa has been the co-pilot on both, hubby Rick only joined us for half of 2016.

I love my clubby so much, I decided to look for a convertible that we all could fit into. I had a 1997 BMW Z3 that I had for a long time and loved, but only 2 of us could go out in it.

So I decided to let my Z3 go and go on the hunt for another Mini. I found Autumn (2007 R52 S) and loved that she was orange, as we are passionate SF Giants fans! She was in excellent shape and only had 63K original miles! We could now all go topless J!!!

My love and enthusiasm for Minis rubbed off on my husband Rick Sanchez (a NorCal minis Director), that he decided he had to have a Clubby too! We found Kato (2012 R 55 S) and it was love at first sight for him. We spoke with the original owner (a former Mini service tech) and test drove Kato. A week later we picked him up and she joined our family.

I have heard said that Minis that having a “Mini” is contagious, I do believe it is true. Happy motoring and “Save the Wave”! Wave at your fellow Minis!

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