Sonora Run - Sunday June 9, 2024

Your Host(s) for the Event: Paige Lane Route: https://maps.app.goo.gl/tGNYaz7VcvVDeXPLA Download the map for off-line use  - in case we lose...

Recap - Napa Sonoma Twisty Run June 13, 2021

Your Hosts For The Event: Pat & Michelle Lewis

To our many NorCal MINI’s members who joined us to brave twisty roads in hilly Napa and Sonoma, or for those who wished they may have joined, here’s a recap of our JUNE 13, 2021 run.

By 8 am, our first excited MINI drivers began to arrive at our Start-Point, the Solano Town Center Mall, in Fairfield. Among the earliest was Club President, Simon Tildesley, who hoisted NorCal Mini’s club flag, the focal point MINI’s unite around. Typical of our social group, new and old members began greeting one another discussing adventures of past, new features added to MINI’s, and intrigue of our day ahead. The parking lot was spotted with MINI’s parked in what might be described as a “wishbone” in shape.

9:00am, our drivers meeting was announced, with 36 of the 46 car registered in attendance. Simon greeted all attendees, reminding of the coming July Gold Country run and of the importance of the Charities our club supports. Last, the Dunsmuir run in November and need for booking early, if staying overnight. Pat and Michelle Lewis, host for the June run, shared details of the route ahead and stressed the need for having fun. Michelle ensured every guest had a ticket for the free drawing at the end of the event.


Drivers lined behind one of three lead cars, championed by Michelle (lead of group 1), Simon (group 2) and Anita (group 3). Kudos to our “sweepers” Gordon and Michael who ensured no one was left behind. Keeping the large group together proved challenging as we headed North through a maze of stop-lights and side streets leading us to Highway 121. Once on Highway 121, the group settled to a gentle pace, given plenty of traffic from in front and behind. From 121, the group merged to Highway 128, snaking along the twisty roads leading past Lake Berryessa and toward world famous Napa/Rutherford’s wine region.


Our comfort break at the mid-point on Trancas road, in Napa proved necessary for most. Our second half of the drive was advertised as narrower, super twisty and requiring higher focus than the 1st segment. This important detail, and cautions for the conditions of the road conditions ahead where shared during our second driver’s meeting held in the Lucky’s/Starbucks parking lot. At least one additional car joined our many from Napa.

Once underway, our second, and final half of the drive took us through the Enchanted Hills, which divide Napa, from Sonoma valley. Redwood Road, to Dry Creek Road. Mt Veeder Road, back to Dry Creek, and finally Trinity road, proved to be super twisty, yet also of questionable road quality. Lowered cars with stiff springs felt these county road’s neglect. Alas smooth roads of Sonoma Valley welcomed the team for their final drive to Lagunitas brewery.

Three giveaways where shared with lucky ticket holders to commemorate the day.

As reminder, don't forget to register for July’s run - on July 24th through the Gold Country as this is also our ANNUAL PICNIC (the club provides lunch for all) and is also a VERY IMPORTANT FUNDRAISER FOR HEADING HOME ANIMAL RESCUE that our own Anne Sitter (her and her husband Dave are the event hosts) is very involved with.

Pat & Michelle Lewis