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Recap - Mount Umunhum/Uvas Meadow Run - Sunday January 16, 2022

Your Host For The Event: Eddie Vergara

Wow, what a run! Our first run of 2022 was not only a history-themed event, but also a history-making run! A total of 57 cars registered and attended by over 100 members! Our LARGEST IN CLUB HISTORY! Many new members attended for the first time which is great to see.

Hosting a run for the first time, it was very exciting to see so much interest!

The fun began even before we started driving. The parking lot quickly turned into an impromptu MINI car show once 57 MINIs showed up to the starting point. Cameras were out as folks got treated to MINIs from all generations and trims, including a healthy number of the rare GPs. As drivers mingled, you could sense that energy in the air that results when several people get together to share a common passion. It was clear that folks wanted to start their new year right by going on an awesome drive!

After a tiny sprinkle from an odd morning rain cloud, the sky cleared up and offered us a great South Bay weather for driving (some convertibles even had their top down!). Due to the number of participants, drivers were broken up into three groups of ~20 cars. Group 1 led by yours truly, Eddie Vergara, with the Lewis's leading group 2 and our president, Simon Tildesley, leading group 3. Following the drivers debrief, group 1 lined up and began the run.

Soon after the start, we were treated to the twisty roads of Shannon and Hicks Road. Bikers along the road didn't subtract from the fun of taking our MINIs through these fun turns. Drivers and passengers alike were treated to lush green foliage throughout the run, all thanks to the healthy downpour from the December rains.

After 40 minutes, the 1st group reached our first scheduled stop, the summit of Mt. Umunhum where the decommissioned "Cube" military radar stands. No more than 15 minutes passed before the 2nd group caught up with group 1 and began to cause a traffic jam at the summit's parking lot! However, instead of seeing frowning or disapproving faces from others at the summit, we were received by many smiling faces (including the park ranger!) wondering what were a bunch of cool-looking MINIs doing up there!

After making it clear that we were MINI owners, members of the *prestigious* NorCal MINIs club (known for making trouble for the establishment...), groups began to head out from the summit and onto an hour drive to our final stop at Uvas Reservoir. Drivers and passengers were presented with more beautiful sights, from the glittering waters of the Almaden Reservoir, to the lovely classic architecture of the homes and mansions in New Almaden, to the lush green woods and meadows in the Uvas Valley. We reached the end of our run at the Uvas Reservoir parking lot, where drivers posed for a final photoshoot by our talented members. It was a fantastic way to finish a run that took us through historical sites and made history for the club.

I was very glad to see so many smiling drivers at both the start and end of the run. I look forward to see everyone again for the Delta – California Auto Museum in Sacramento Run on February 19th, hosted by Mike Zampiceni.

Please drive safely and Motor ON!

Eddie Vergara

Check out the link below for other great pictures from the event:
Thanks to those who posted tons of pictures on our FB page. 

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