Livermore to Castle Air Museum - Sun., February 25, 2024

Our February run will take us over backroads through the hills and valleys of the East Bay and out to the Central Valley and Castle Air Muse...

A Clean, Well-Maintained, Used Car Can Garner 50% More

According to the Car Care Council and Kelley Blue Book "a clean, well-maintained car can be worth up to 50 percent more than one in 'fair' condition." The Auto Channel states,
"Polishing your vehicle once every six months and washing it once a week prevents the buildup of damaging chemicals and dirt that may harm the vehicle's finish. In addition to regular care, it is important to watch for any dents, dings, scratches or cracked glass. These problems, when left unattended, can lead to more expensive repairs down the line."
The Car Care Council provides step by step car cleaning instructions in their "A Clean Car is Cool" article at www.carcare.org/cool.