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Admitted Wealthy Stupid Woman Owns A Red MINI

Here is a bizarre story from ChinaDaily entitled "'Enemy of the state' finds no charity."

Twenty-year-old Guo Meimei, pictured here with her Red MINI, "sparked a national scandal" in China. According to the article,
In early June, Guo bragged on her micro blog about her wealth, and claimed that she was "the manager of the Red Cross Chamber of Commerce", a post she in fact fabricated.
Because of her fabrication
some people stopped donating to charities in general and donations to some Red Cross branches reportedly dropped by 90 percent
Guo is quoted,
"I feel like I am an enemy of the state," Guo said on Wednesday. "The truth is that I am just a stupid girl who did something really stupid. No matter what I say, no one wants to believe me. No matter what I do, nobody wants to forgive me. I didn't break the law in any way. Would these people be happy if I died?"
You have to read the rest of the story to believe this "stupid girl." She thinks the notoriety she has received is just one of three of her wishes to come true - own a red MINI Cooper, become wealthy and become famous. You would think she was a Valley Girl!