Sonora Run - Sunday June 9, 2024

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Auto Express Reviews The MINI JCW Coupé

Dan Strong at Auto Express gets rather giddy in his analysis of the MINI JCW Coupé giving it four out of five stars. Here's a taste of what he has to say:
On bumpy roads, there’s no doubt that the driver is kept busy! The stiff suspension and short wheelbase mean you have to make constant corrections to the steering to keep the car heading in the intended direction. And if you use the powerful disc brakes hard, you’ll need to be on the case, guiding the car as it bobs and weaves under the extra load. On the German Autobahn, our car reached an easy 150mph, while official figures claim the car will accelerate from 0-62mph in only 6.4 seconds.
With all that in mind this is not a car that we would describe as relaxing – yet is is undeniably exciting, and involving too. If you have been lucky enough to drive hatchback version of the MINI John Cooper Works, imagine it as being a bit like that car… Only turned up to eleven. While that might prove to much for some, we are sure those who developed original Mini Coupés like the legendary Mini Marcos or Broadspeed GT would approve… Then, as now, the MINI Coupé really does appear to be in a class of its own.