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MINI's Line-up In China

How is MINI doing in China?  China Daily reports on MINI in China inlcuding interviews with MINI marketing gurus.  They say, in part:
"Before May 2009 was the first phase of MINI's development in China, when we used only English language in the brand campaign and product promotions," said Izzy Zhu, head of MINI brand management at BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd. "But we found that customers didn't understand it very well."
In mid 2009, when the company launched MINI CABRIO in China, the global slogan was "Always Open", which Zhu's team translated into "Junzi Tan Dang Dang" - a Confucian ideal that a noble person should have a broad mind. Zhu said it proved to be a very successful product communication.
Earlier this year the brand brought its Countryman to China, the first four-wheel drive SUV in the MINI family. This time Zhu and his team chose "Kailiu", an informal and witty way to express escape in Chinese, as the translation of the global slogan "Getaway".
"Everyone needs to put down their work, identity, relationships and roles they have to play in everyday life and get a break to be their true selves", Zhu said, noting that the free spirit is what they expect the Countryman to represent.
To better convey the message and connect with consumers, the company invited guests such as Tony Wheeler, co-founder of The Lonely Planet guidebooks series, and National Geographic photographer Michael Yamashita to share their getaway stories at the launch event for the Countryman in Xiamen.
As the majority of MINI owners in China are female, people wondered if the Countryman targets male customers. "Of course not," Zhu said, "MINI is a brand that has no particular gender preference - both men and women have the desire to get away and be themselves."
Zhu noted that an important element of the MINI brand is "all-embracing" or "borderless".
"The MINI lovers could be a man or woman, old or young, regardless of their nationality, religious beliefs or cultural background."