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Does The Coupé Sacrifice Too Much For Style?

Jim Leggett, writing for the Montreal Gazette, thinks so.  Leggett pens the following:
What I don’t understand is the loss of functionality for the sake of styling. The Coupé has only two seats instead of four and there is no benefit from this loss. The cargo capacity is not much more and everybody puts their bags on the rear seats anyway.

So this one is up to personal choice: Do you like the Coupé with its oddball roofline or do you prefer the traditional flat top?

Either way, we can all agree that the MINI family of automobiles embodies some of the best traits of the driving experience… bold design, a peppy powerplant, a raucous exhaust note and many smiles as you motor down the road. There is nothing like the MINI experience no matter what the shape of the roof is or isn’t. Can’t decide? Go for the convertible!