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"Fusion Cooking"

That is what autoevolution calls this photo of Ferrari and MINIs taken from 4WheelsofLux.  It says
Fusion cooking is a style of cuisine where you combine the elements of two or more cultures that work to each other’s strengths. It’s a very contemporary style and offers a lot of impact and flavor.

This is a bit like what’s going on in this photo. You’ve got a Zillion Dollar Italian Frittata that is the exotic flavor for the dish, and you then add a bit of British steak [sic] and kidney pie with a bit of Cooper S truffle for that added exclusivity.

The end result needs to be garnished with a bit of greenery and is best offered with on a bit of Dubai strangeness. So as not to draw away from the kick of the food, you need to add a bit of Mitsubishi Lancer white... the serving place if you will.