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"It's Not A Proper Sports Car"

Richard Hammond reviews the MINI Roadster for the U.K's Mirror.  Hammond obviously prefers the MINI Convertible and is vociferous in his opinion:
The boot is actually pretty big and with the hatch that’s provided you could get a set of golf clubs into it.

Not that I own a set to have tried with. On the bootlid itself you’ll find a spoiler that lifts automatically to reduce ­aerodynamic lift at speeds.

At least that’s what the brochure tells us.

It’s a gimmick, naturally, because the Roadster is never going to be driven at speeds at which lift will be a problem.

This Mini Roadster Cooper S with Chilli Pack option costs £22,240.

I can think of loads of better ways to spend my money on an open car than this.

It’s not a proper sports car, not like a MX-5 or Lotus Elise is.

In fact, I would rather buy a Mini Convertible and be able to take the kids or friends along for the ride.