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Saturday and Sunday overnight run to South Lake Tahoe. Enjoy the backroads, less traveled, and even more scenic than your usual run up the f...

motoring.co.uk Reviews The MINI Bayswater

Stephen Turvil, writing for motoring.co.uk, reviews the MINI Bayswater Special Edition. Turvil observes:
I suspect this MINI is not for the “shy and retiring”.
Now, fancy London folk love choice so the MINI Bayswater is available with four engine options. These are: Cooper (122hp), Cooper D (122hp), Cooper S (184hp) and the Cooper SD (143hp) - all of which are available with manual or auto transmission. The race to 62mph, therefore, takes between 7.0 and 10.4 seconds according to the configuration. Furthermore, these performance figures complement the MINI's sharp handling, high quality construction, generous equipment specification, and striking image. In fact, this beauty turns more heads than a supermodel with a healthy figure. That brings us to price. The MINI Bayswater could help you show-off from £18,565. Fancy parking it in Peckham?