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motoring.co.uk Reviews The New MINI Baker Street

Stephen Turvil reviews the new MINI Baker Street for motoring.co.uk.  Turvil writes:
Does Sherlock Holmes fancy owning an oddly named car? If so, the solution is 'elementary'... try the MINI Baker Street. This complements the MINI Highgate and the MINI Bayswater which are special editions named after fashionable parts of London. I can hardly wait for the MINI Eastenders. Fancy features on the Baker Street three-door hatchback include its black wing mirror caps. These, apparently, are for that 'moody mysterious look'. Ey? This special edition also has sixteen-inch black six-spoke alloys, striking bonnet stripes, and Baker Street markings. These complement its rooftop grey paintwork that helps this MINI look fantastic - and like a capable crime fighting companion.
Now, the famous detective loves choice so the MINI Baker Street is available with four power outputs. These are: Cooper (122hp), Cooper D (112hp), One (98hp) and the One D (90hp) - all of which are available with manual or auto transmission. The race to 62mph, therefore, takes between 9.1 and 12.3 seconds according to the configuration. These figures complement the MINI's pin-sharp handling, high quality construction, generous equipment specification, and striking image. In fact, this stylish beauty turns more heads than a Hound from Baskerville. The only mystery Mr Holmes had to solve is how much the car costs. His conclusion? The Baker Street starts at £16,365. Elementary - my dear MINI.