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Autoweek's Review Notes On The 2012 MINI Cooper S Coupe

Autoweek posts the notes of three of its editors that had the opportunity to drive the 2012 MINI Cooper S Coupe. One found it fun, but "not practical"; one found it to have a harsh ride and "rattling plastic bits"; and our favorite assessment is from News Editor Greg Migliore:
This red pocket rocket is a riot to drive. I carved up traffic during my morning commute, savoring the inputs and reactions the Cooper S Coupe offers.

The feel of this thing is truly engaging. I love the tight steering that returns immediate weight and feel on-center. It's excellent for making hard, direct turns. As an enthusiast, that's exactly what you seek—the ability to command a car and get a response. The lithe curb weight and rock-solid chassis make for one of the most tossable machines on the road. Plus, it helps makes the most of this 181-hp mill. The automatic gearbox was aggressive in its shifting, which is fine, but I'd rather have a manual in a Mini.

I love the way this thing is optioned out. The colors, the stripes, the wheels . . . Wow, it's a unique look that I appreciate, though not everyone will. The extras on this thing really add flair.

The downside? Don't get the Mini Coupe unless you're a true enthusiast of this brand. This isn't a mainstream car. The chassis will beat the snot out of you, which is fine for hard-core drivers, but not livable for most. I could drive and enjoy this every day, but I'm not normal. It's a niche, fun two-seater that I enjoyed the hell out of.