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Car And Driver Takes Its First Drive In The MINI JCW GP II

Here is just a little bit of what Car and Driver writer Jeff Sabatini has to say in a not overly enthusiastic review:
While nominally a street-legal race car, the GP is more of an expensive toy for the biggest fans of the diminutive brand. Not that we’re unenthusiastic about this enthusiast-targeted model—or any new product designed specifically to be fun. It’s just that we’re having a mini challenge of our own with the pricing. If you want a new daily driver that also can go fast on a track, there are any number of options available at this price—with something like a $24,495 Ford Focus ST and a dozen sets of sticky tires representing perhaps the most prudent choice. But there’s no accounting for desire, and those whose predilections run toward Mini’s outsized bravado will no doubt regard the new GP as the second coming it literally is.