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autoblog Reviews The 2014 MINI Cooper S

autoblog has issued its full review of the new 2014 MINI Cooper S. Reviewer Brandon Turkus concludes:
didn't fall in love with the last-generation R56 Mini because it was too compromised. It sacrificed driving thrills and character in the name of comfort and refinement, but that balance hurt the enthusiast without adequately benefitting the general buying public – it was neither comfortable nor refined enough to be worth the performance trade-offs. With this latest generation, that balance has been altered to the point that the end product will be more pleasing to both groups. This is a genuinely fun and accessible performance car, but it's also a first-class commuter, offering all the abilities that make these cars so popular without any of the drawbacks. It's a hugely satisfying start to the reborn Mini Cooper's third act, and I can't wait to see where the brand goes from here.