Sonora Run - Sunday June 9, 2024

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Ruminating On A MINI Cooper While On The East Coast

Joe Lorio writes about loaning his 2014 MINI Cooper on the East Coast to Jamie Kittman, a contributor to Automobile, who generally praises the vehicle based on his drive to Boston and back.  However, Kittman did have a bit criticism of the MINI:
"The biggest sin is that while the 2014 Mini Cooper handles well and is a relaxed highway cruiser—a neat trick for something with such small displacement—it really is disturbingly bigger. The front end not only looks homely (this is easily the ugliest of the three new Mini generations we've seen), but the driving position also underscores the fact that this is no longer a Mini but a small BMW. The vast acres of dash top may increase cubic nostril room, but it is wasted space; the driver is now so far from the windshield that he feels removed from the action. And with a relatively long hood in front of that and a hefty overhang ahead of the front wheels, Sir Alec must be spinning in his grave."