Annual Picnic and Monterey County Run - Sunday August 28th

 Mark Your Calendars For This Great Event Your Hosts For This Event: Mick Brown and Vickie Casacca FULL DETAILS COMING SOON!!

AC Schnitzer's MCS and JCW Powerkits

ZerCustoms explains the new powerkits:
AC Schnitzer announced today two new powerkits for the latest version of the Mini Cooper S and of the high-performance Mini Cooper JCW. AC Schnitzer's new powerkit for the Mini Cooper JCW and S includes a re-programmed ECU and bespoke sport exhaust system. The new exhaust includes a back box and two "Sport" or "Sport Black" tailpipes. The new exhaust also includes a "Track Mode" flap system with remote control. AC Schnitzer's power package increases the output of the Mini Cooper S from 141 kW/192 hp to 173 kW/235 hp and of the Mini Cooper JCW from 170 kW/231 hp to 195 kW/265 hp. It includes a 2-year warranty. . . .