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N14 Timing Chain Class Action Gets Preliminary Court Approval

CarComplaints.com reports:
A MINI Cooper N14 engine timing chain lawsuit has been granted preliminary approval after BMW agreed to settle the lawsuit originally filed due to timing chain tensioners. The timing chain lawsuit could include tens of thousands of owners and reach $30 million.

Lead plaintiffs, Joshua Skeen and Laurie Freeman, claim the timing chain tensioner allows the pistons and valves to connect with too much force and results in engine failure. The plaintiffs claim the MINI Cooper timing chains should last at least 10 years or 120,000 miles, but the alleged defect causes engine problems years too early.

The lawsuit alleges the N14 engine timing chain tensioner can cause an owner to spend thousands of dollars to repair the engine after the warranty has expired. In some cases, timing chain and engine repairs had been performed while under warranty only for the problem to reoccur after the warranty expired.

The lawsuit includes past and present U.S. owners and leasees of the following MINI Cooper cars with N14 engines:

2007-2009 MINI Cooper Hardtop
2008-2009 MINI Cooper Clubman
2009-2010 MINI Cooper S Convertible

Members of the timing chain class-action lawsuit who paid for engine repairs caused by the timing chain will receive up to $4,500. In addition, the automaker will extend the MINI Cooper warranty for the timing chain and tensioner to 7 years/100,000 miles.

MINI owners can also receive complete compensation for timing chain repairs performed at MINI dealers, or a reimbursement of up to $850 for timing chains and $120 for tensioners if the repairs were performed by an independent repair shop.

For an owner who lost money when selling a MINI Cooper with an unrepaired engine, the owner could receive up to $2,500 if the engine was damaged by the timing chain or tensioner.

BMW will create a special website for MINI Cooper owners affected by the timing chain lawsuit, but information about the website is not available.

The MINI Cooper N14 engine timing chain lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey - Skeen, et al. v. BMW of North America LLC. . . .