Marin to Bodega Bay Run - Saturday Feb. 25, 2023

  Your Hosts For The Event: Gordon & Alison Lee Run Details: We will start out our day by meeting at MINI of Marin (5880 Paradise Dr., C...

It's been a great run!

A great finish on a great day with NorCal MINIS. The morning started with breakfast compliments of Mini of Marin. A big THANK YOU to them for hosting, providing goodies and a fabulous suggestion for lunch at Sam's Anchor Cafe.

Many of us have been wanting to go to Angel Island or have let too many years go by without revisiting. Today was a good day! We saw spectacular views around the island. Our tram tour guide was entertaining.  And we got to watch a canon fire. BOOM!

Back in Tiburon, we dined on some really good seafood at Sam's Anchor Cafe. A huge THANK YOU to restaurant manager Julie for setting up a private room to accommodate our group of 34! As the day went on, many hugs and good-byes were exchanged. The most emotional one was by your President.

I've been organizing for our group for the past 3 years and been an active member since 2007. The familiar faces and inviting friendships are what I'll miss most as I embark on my next chapter in Colorado. I'll see you all again at MTTS2018 or a run when I'm in California. Until then, this is your club so do what you can to support it.

All the best,
Tara Hunter