Annual Picnic and Monterey County Run - Sunday August 28th

 Mark Your Calendars For This Great Event Your Hosts For This Event: Mick Brown and Vickie Casacca FULL DETAILS COMING SOON!!

Who Should And Shouldn't Buy A 2016 MCS

Autos Cheat Sheet explores who should and should not buy a 2016 MINI Cooper S. Who shouldn't?:
. . . There are plenty of people out there who like the Subaru Impreza because it holds its resale value, want the Ford Focus because they come from a Ford family, or will stick with a Volkswagen Golf forever because that’s all they’ve ever owned. A Cooper S isn’t for them. Plenty of car buyers don’t find anything fun about cars — they’re just appliances to get from A to B, and the Cooper S’s charm would likely be lost on them. . . .