Sonora Run - Sunday June 9, 2024

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Mt. Hamilton Run for Absent Friends 2017

Date Change: April 1, 2017

Safety First! 

Due to the heavy rains and road washouts the Bay Area has experienced over the last few weeks, we are moving this run to APRIL 1, 2017.

The date change will give time for hillsides to stabilize, road crews to clear roads of any debris and most importantly for us to have a safer journey.

** This is MEMBERS ONLY event **

This is NorCal MINIs annual run to remember loved ones who have passed. This charity run benefits the American Cancer Society and the Valley Humane Society. For each $5 donated to either or both charities you will receive 1 drawing ticket for several items we will have to give away during lunch.

Donate to your charity of choice or both of them today!

For each $5 donated to either or both charities you will receive 1 drawing ticket for several items we will have to give away during lunch**. (This will include the bag seen below!)

** No need to be present to win, but you do need to be a 2017 NorCal MINI member.

If you haven't joined or renewed for 2017 yet, do it today!!!!  http://norcalminis.com/

American Cancer Society

Valley Humane Society

THANKS MINI of Marin for our drawing items.

Run Details:
Meeting time: 10 AM
Departure time: 10:30

Meeting Location: 

Be cautious on Mt. Hamilton Road. The drive is scenic, but the road is narrow in some areas and also has many sharp curves. Fill up BEFORE meeting in the morning. There are no gasoline or automotive services at Mt. Hamilton or anywhere along the road outside of San Jose. Food services are limited at the observatory. Light snacks, coffee, and refreshments will be available for purchase at Lick Observatory.

Directions to Lick Observatory:

We should arrive to the observatory between 11:30 & 12:15 depending on the number of cars making the run and other bike/car traffic encountered on our way up.

The observatory opens at noon with a free talk​ for us.​ ​

As soon as the talk is over, we're back on the road for another 30-40 minute drive to have lunch at The Junction Bar & Grill.

Directions from Lick Observatory to The Junction Bar & Grill:

From The Junction we head down Mines Road to Livermore. From Livermore
you're on your own to make your way home.

Directions from the The Junction to the Telsa Road & Mines Road intersection in Livermore:

Please RSVP to your email invitation so that we have a count for how many cars to expect at Mt. Hamilton and lunch.

If you haven't renewed your membership, please do so before this run. This is a *MEMBERS ONLY event.

Join or Renew today!