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Looking for a New Financial Officer

Hi Members,
We've really started the year out strong.  Our first run had over 32 cars, and we've gained over 25 new members this year.  I'm looking forward to our Mt. Hamilton Run on April 1st, and our first weekender up to Avenue of the Giants on April 22nd & 23rd.

In case you're not aware, NorCal MINIs is a 501c not for profit corporation. As a 'not for profit', we have a full board with officers & directors who carry-out various duties in support of everyone that is a paid member. NorCal MINIs also has a complete Constitution and Bylaws with full details on how we govern the club.

Key to having a board of officers & directors, required to maintain our 501c status, is having members who step up and take over a position when the need arises. NorCal MINIs has a current need to fill the Financial Officer role.  Richard & Sharon are the super heroes of financial officers as they've carried this role for the club for the past 7 years. 

Below you will find a description of the financial officer's role as defined in our Constitution & Bylaws:
c. Financial/Treasurer Officer

  • Maintain the Clubs financial records and account.
  • Implement financial policy as prescribed in the bylaws of the Constitution.
  • Keep books of accounts in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices and provide a financial report at each Club meeting for review and approval of the Officers.
  • Provide the Club President and Vice President with a monthly financial report on both the bank & PayPal accounts.
  • Along with the Leader, have the authority to sign checks and contracts; collect all dues, moneys and other remuneration from all sources, especially from other officers
  • Make an annual financial report showing income statement and balance sheet at the last meeting of his or her term.

Are you NorCal MINIs next Financial Officer? 

Sharon will be available to work beside you as you learn the duties of the role and all officers support each other in carrying out the behind-the-scene workings of the club. If you're interested,  please send an email to info@norcalminis.com or talk to any of our officers at our upcoming Mt. Hamilton run.

Christine Toibin
President, NorCal MINIs