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RECAP TWISTY Woodside back roads to HMB with post-run BBQ - August 17, 2019

Your hosts: Anita Weemaes & Christoph Fritsch

We met in Cupertino with fill-up choices for all: Peet’s, Starbucks and Chevron. Almost 10 new paid members joined us for the first time, so it was a great morning for reunions and making new friends. Thanks to those who drove almost 2 hours to be there on time! The driver’s meeting went over the details and hand-written notes on the printed route sheets, and then we were off! 

With 35 cars, we self-organized into 2 run groups and made our way to the first regroup area at Foothill College to begin our twisty miles. As we left the parking lot, we tested our skills around a roundabout, where half of the group failed in their British driving skills and made up their own rules. 

The first set of twisties were technically challenging with several uphill switchbacks and beautiful mountain views. We regrouped at Russian Ridge open space and handed out numbers for the giveaway drawing to be held at the BBQ.

 The 2 run groups were shuffled around a bit for the next set of twisties through the trees down Alpine Road, and then we picked up the pace once we hit Highway 84 down to the coast. The drive-up Highway 1 was fog-free, so we were treated to stunning views of the ocean. 

After a quick break in Half Moon Bay, an “advance crew” took a shortcut on the freeway to set up for the barbeque while the rest of the club continued the second half of the drive down Skyline Blvd (Highway 35) and down Big Basin Way (Highway 9) led by Steve Sandke. 

The barbeque was a perfect way to end a great drive! The cabana club parking lot was full of Minis, Christoph grilled burgers and hot dogs for almost 60 people, and the potluck dishes ranged from veggies, potato salad, fruit, caprese salad, cookies, and a crowd-favorite Twix brownie dessert. People relaxed in the shade, socialized and then made plans to see each other at the annual meeting next month. 

Anita & Christoph

And check out more great pictures from the run.
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