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Recap: 2019 Annual Meeting Run - Monterey / Carmel / 17 Mile Drive / Point Lobos

Hosted by Vickie Casacca and Mick Brown

On Sunday, September 8th, 30 cars and almost 50 members and guests met at the Starbucks parking lot in Salinas. Everyone was on time which made the whole day run smooth. Simon passed out wristbands for our lunch and Vickie made the announcements regarding the run. Originally, we were going to pay a $10.50 entrance fee into Pebble Beach to take 17 Mile Drive, but because Leanna Sassman Goulart has a friend who lives in Pebble Beach, we were able to have our entrance fee waived. It was Leanna’s suggestion to use the money that would have been paid at the gate as a donation to the SPCA for Monterey County. Thanks to our very generous members, we were able to donate $328.50 to this very worthwhile organization and Milo and Dirk send their thanks as well.

We departed at 10am with Mick and Vickie in the lead car, David and Anne Sitter in the middle and Gordon and Allison Lee keeping everyone in line at the caboose. We made quite the entrance entering the Pebble Beach Gate off Highway 1 to begin our tour of 17 Mile Drive. We marveled at the ocean front properties that we dreamed we could purchase for future club outings. We followed the dotted red line that designates 17 Mile Drive and drove past the world-renowned Pebble Beach Golf Course.

Our first stop was the Lone Cypress Outlook and we took over the entire parking lot. It turned out to be a beautiful day on the coast and we were able to take several great shots of the ocean and our family of cars. The next stop was Bird Rock where you could see and hear the sea lions sunning on a large rock not far from the beach. A couple of adventurous members even made it out to the rocks and down to the water for more photo ops. We then finished our drive around the storied 17 Mile Drive and headed back to Highway 1 and Highway 68 towards our lunch venue.

We took the Spreckels Boulevard exit and down the tree lined road to the sleepy little town of Spreckels, famed for their once productive sugar beet factory, now closed for many years. We were able to get a few pictures with the Santa Lucia mountains and fields in the background, then it was off to lunch at the T & A Café and the delicious food prepared by Don and Cheryl Ferch.

Simon presided over the Annual Meeting and gave the results of the officers and directors election and the top day and overnight runs for 2020. The officers and directors presented Simon with a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant as a token of our appreciation for his outstanding leadership as President. We had several door prize giveaways, which were won by some very happy recipients. All in all, a great day for NorCal Minis!

Vickie & Mick and of course Dirk 

Check out some of the great pictures from the day at the link below.

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