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A-MINI-zing Race - April 18, 2020

Hi Everyone, 

Will we have repeat winners for 2020's a-MINI-zing Race on April 18th?

Who's up for the challenge against 2017 a-MINI-zing Race San Luis Obispo Winners,  Brian D and Crystal T. 

or Team Stitch&Co from 2018 Solvang a-MINI-zing Race Winners.

What is a-MINI-zing Race? 
As a lover of  'Amazing Race' on CBS, I created 'a-MIN-zing Race'. However, the point is NOT who gets to the finish first, but who captures the essence of the clues the best.  There are various types of clues just like Amazing Race.  
  • Route Info - Tells you how to travel, by foot or by MINI, and what your team needs to accomplish to complete the clue
  • Detour - All team members participate where you have a choice between two tasks, choose the one you think you can complete quicker, if you can't complete it, you will need to complete the other option
  • Roadblock - A task that only ONE team member must perform. 
  • Pit Stop - Find "Phil" at the mat to end the a-MINI-zing Race 


Since we have some really competitive club members, I've tried to up my game for this year's a-MINI-zing Race.  Before each clue is opened, you will need to solve a Cryptogram.  

What is a Cryptogram? 
A cryptogram is a type of puzzle that consists of a short piece of encrypted text. Generally the cipher used to encrypt the text is simple enough that the cryptogram can be solved by hand. We will be using a substitution ciphers where each Number is replaced by a different Letter. You will be given a few number/letter combos to get you started and the same key will be used for all clues. After you'd solved a few you pretty much have the answers for the rest of them.  You will use information from Cryptogram to get address locations of enclosed clue.   

Using Instagram This Year
For this year's a-MINI-ing Race, it would be great if you have an Instagram account. 

I ask that you tag your photos with:
  • @norcal_minis
  • #AminizingRace2020
  • #YourTeamName

As part of your RSVP, how about posting on Instagram a photo of your team with your MINI.  Don't forget to include your Team Name. This way everyone will know who the competitors are for 2020's a-MINI-zing Race.

Be sure to Follow @norcal_ministhe Official NorCal MINIs account for Northern California's premier MINI club since 2003.  Do NOT use @norcalminis as we do not know who created that account and it's not the official club account.

Christine & Michael Toibin

Meet Up Location:
Parking Lot
2505 Riverside Blvd, 

Sacramento, CA 95818

There's a Starbucks inside and a Valero gas station across the street. 

Meeting Time/Departure Time:
10 am/10:30 am

Optional Lunch:  TBD

RVSP by April 10th is required, as I have to have time to prepare all of clue envelopes.


By the way if you are not a fully paid member of NorCal Minis there is a $5.00 fee for the event but can be applied to your membership fee for the year if you join up. Check out the details below: Create your MotorSportReg Account and Join Today! Use the NorCal MINIs Membership link below:

Instructions for joining MotorSportReg and joining NorCal MINIs can be found in the following document: I