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A-MINI-zing Race 2021 Recap

 Hi Everyone,

We had a great time in Sacramento on Saturday, April 24, 2021 for the 3rd installment of A-MINI-zing Race.  The morning started at a Target near downtown, but the bonus of the day was the mural we used for gathering before heading out on the race. Here's Malcolm looking handsome.

After a brief presentation to attendees by Simon, the run was handed over to the Race Master Christine for a description of the race, including the object is not to be first, but to be the best at interpreting the essences of the clues.  Teams met their special guest passenger - Johnny Cash! 
Johnny Cash was the inspiration for all of the clues.  It was a hoot to see the look on Simon's face as he had no idea who Johnny Cash was at all.  Race Master Christine thought some participants would have some knowledge of him, while others would have a deeper understand of who the "Man in Black" was and his importance to not only country music, but prison reform.
Let's introduce the teams!!!   (In alphabetical order)




Orange Crusher 


Silver Lining

T & T
Team McKenna

Team Sterling
The Might Minis
CLUES - thanks Anne for taking pictures! 
Without the cryptograms key, these might be a little hard to understand, but reviewing them as seen below, you can get the jest of the clues.

And now... the Runner Up was TEAM SKITTLES with their additional props and inventive interpretations of the clues.

WINNER OF 2021 A-MINI-zing Race was team ORANGE CRUSHER!  Spot on capturing clue essence and amusing Race Master Christine and Michael while they waited for teams to arrive.  For their win Mary got a Paddy Hopkirk Poster and a MINI mug.  Congratulations to team Orange Crusher.

Even though Race Master Christine up'd her game this year with cryptograms that had to be solved first, they (Michael & Christine) were amazed at how fast teams moved along the route.  They had to cut their leisure morning short and hurry to the pit stop to be ready for the first teams to arrive.  This means Race Master Christine will have to even more creative for the next A-MINI-zing Race.