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20 Reasons A Car Is Better Than A Woman

TopSpeed had the cajones to post this today - the day after Valentine's Day (sorry ladies no offense intended):

20 Reasons a Car Is Better Than a Woman:

Women don’t come with idiot lights
You can turn on a car whenever you want
It’s ok for your good friends to borrow your car every once in a while
It’s an advantage if a car carries a lot of baggage
You’re expected to go fast with your car
Upgrading parts on a car doesn’t lead to fights
You want to know the owner history on a used car
It’s a good thing when your car is full of gas
Chrome is cheaper than diamonds
Cars get better with age
Maintenance intervals on a car are less frequent
A car doesn’t care if you drive another car
You always know the mileage on a car, not always on a woman
People don’t mind if you carry around magazines with naked car parts
The rubber lasts longer with a car
Your car is not offended if you try to sell it on the street
A car doesn’t mind waiting until after the football game to spend time with it
Cars are always into leather
It only takes soap and water to make a car pretty again
You can have multiple cars at once