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We Have Been "Pended" By CafePress courtesy of BMW

If you go to our web store at CafePress you will see that the NorCaL MINIs logo design has been "pended." We received the following e-mail. Apparently BMW and CafePress are upset with our logo design.
Your image has been pended because it did not comply with BMW's CafePress user guidelines. Please review the information below.

You can view all the images which have been pended by clicking on the following URL (or copying and pasting this URL into your browser): [ url removed protect administration of site]

Images Pended: 33030827

Once you have remedied the issue you can email cup@cafepress.com and we will review your images, product selection and product titles. If they are in compliance we will reinstate your images.

BMW has some very specific guidelines regarding use of pictures of BMWs, Mini Coopers, or Rolls Royce.

Generally the guidelines are:

1) NO sale of BMW merchandise by any BMW clubs or club members

2) NO use of your BMW, Mini Cooper, or Rolls Royce pictures on any CafePress product where the image is placed on the left upper chest area (for example http://www.cafepress.com/cp/customize/product.aspx?clear=true&no=245, http://www.cafepress.com/cp/customize/product.aspx?clear=true&no=218, http://www.cafepress.com/cp/customize/product.aspx?clear=true&no=217)

3) NO use of any of the BMW, Mini Cooper, or Rolls Royce trademarks in the title of the product.

You can find examples of CafePress user content that BMW does not object to here.

You can find BMW's guidelines for CafePress users here.

Please make sure you adhere by the above rules when creating your merchandise or your images may be pended, which will prevent them from being used on products.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Content Usage Associate



Hmmm. It all sounds as if someone settled rather than fight a lawsuit. You know, with free speech and non-infringing original designs. How could anyone have a "wordmark" that prevents us from using the word MINIs?

Larry wrote and asked what it was that we did that offended BMW and CafePress' sensibilities? Was it the drawing of the MINI or the word MINIs in NorCal MINIs in the logo? The response Larry received was "MINI."

Please be patient while we do a MINI redesign of our NorCal MINIs logo. We wish to MINImize any difficulty you may have with getting NorCal MINIs merchandise. We can't fight dictators with electrons and no money. Hopefully our MINIature squabble will not offend the economic powers that be. At a MINImum we will endeavor to put it to rest. We will stop here and stop MINIng this for all that it is worth.