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Dr. Reithofer Mentions The MINI-E Program In His Interim Report

Dr. Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, said about MINI in his Interim Report during a conference call today:
Our global field test with the MINI E has been a great success. In fact, a passionate international MINI E community has already developed. Just see for yourselves what our customer Tom Moloughney from New Jersey has written in his blog. So far he has covered more than 25,000 miles or 40,000 kilometers with his MINI E.
And this is only the beginning: As early as this year, we will launch a new fleet of MINI E cars in other countries, including France and China. 
And next year, we will add an e-mobility test with the BMW brand. The BMW ActiveE will take the idea of practical, everyday use even further. The test fleet will be launched in several countries, among them China. 
China is also becoming a driving force in the field of e-mobility. Just a week ago, we signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese government and local energy suppliers. This move has set the course for our future activities in the field of e-mobility in China. 
Another project in the pipeline for China is the launch of a so-called New Energy Vehicle. This is to be developed and produced locally, together with our joint venture partner, Brilliance.
Because mobility of this kind exists without borders, we need global standards. In Europe, we need to define the rules for a single e-mobility market. This is a crucial first step before we can responsibly allocate the resources needed to manufacture these technologies on a production scale.

[Source: BMW Group PressClub USA]