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Winding Road Drives The 2011 Countryman Cooper S

Matt Davis writes for Winding Road about his test drive of the prototype 2011 Countryman Cooper S at the Wachauring test track outside of Vienna, Austria. Some of his comments are observations:
". . . the new, weightier Mini family member comports itself nicely, feeling in the hands and seat of the pants exactly as we imagined it might be at first sight."

"The ALL4 system is a nice 243-pound, all-season add-on and is honestly for nothing more rough than relatively groomed gravel estate paths or well-plowed ski area access roads."

"Does it drive like a go-kart? No. But it gets as close as possible in anything resembling this style of taller, and more spacious, and heavier vehicle. We had a ball at the little test circuit, pulling off controlled slide after controlled slide without ever losing our competitive smile or feeling that pushing the Countryman like this was inappropriate. For these street-going credentials, our Mini Countryman Cooper S ALL4 is the funnest SUVXover yet built for sale by anyone."

"Overall dynamics are great and the steering does it’s best to stay true to what we’ve gotten used to from our Minis. The braking action is right on the button, too, aided certainly by the almost non-existent front and rear overhangs."

"Space for passengers is really fine, including headroom for all."

"Look for the Mini Countryman Cooper S with front-wheel drive to start at around $28,500 and the ALL4 version to begin bankrolling at around $31,000. "