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Nowack Motors Boosts MCS And JCW With Aftermarket Upgrades

Nowack Motors, a well-known German BMW aftermarket expert, now offers three stages of power upgrades for the MCS and JCW - the N210, N230 and N260.

The N210 ups horsepower to 210 hp with a free-flow intake and an ECU remap. The N230 achieves 230 hp with an ECU remap, high performance stainless steel sport exhaust unit and a free flow air filter. The N260 pushed 260 hp with a high-performance sport camshaft, special down-pipe, flow optimized cylinder head, stainless steel sport exhaust unit, optimized Intercooling unit, free flow air filter and an individually re-programmed engine control unit.

Nowack also offers suspension upgrades including sport spring kits and complete coilover suspensions. A set of 8,5J x18-inch lightweight rims wrapped in tires with size 225/40 R 18 (front and rear axle), high performance sport differentials as well as individually engineered and manufactured, bespoke components. Exclusive leather upholsteries and custom multimedia features are also available.

[Source: Automobiles Review]