Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where Do They Buy The Most Sunroofs? Heated Seats?

[Photo Credit: sunroofs.org]
Last Friday Ford Motor Company released the results of a survey concerning the accoutrements in cars and where they sell best. Here are some of its interesting findings:

Drivers in rainy Seattle are the most likely to opt for moon roofs, air-conditioned seats, rearview cameras and blind-spot warning systems. San Franciscans are most likely to opt for a GPS navigation system, heated seats and a hybrid car. Atlanta and Charlotte buyers also are more likely to buy heated seats. Dallas and Houston are most likely to opt for towing features, like a hitch and wiring for trailer lights. New York, Los Angeles and Dallas motorists are most likely to opt for rear-seat DVD systems. Cincinnati drivers buy more red cars. Miami's preference is gold. The top markets for green cars are Boston and Philadelphia.

[Source: via autos on msnbc]

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