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Henry Hemmes Reviews The 2012 MINI JCW Coupe

Henry Hemmes reviews the Coupe for The Auto Channel and discloses when it will officially debut:
. . . I think Dr. Reyzl and her team have done an excellent job setting up the suspension. With a roll bar at the rear with a larger diameter and with stiffer springs, the Coupe has the real go-kart characteristic that we all expect from a sporty Mini.

Also on the road the Coupe is a good companion: the suspension is not too harsh and the 211 hp strong engine is not pushing you constantly to go constantly over speed limits.

The designers have done a nice job as well, since they created a roomier feeling in the interior by adding two round ‘increases’ in the headliner. A nice bonus is that you can reach into the unexpectedly large (9.9 cu. ft) luggage compartment from within the cockpit through the opening in the back.

The Mini Coupe will make its North American debut at the Los Angeles International Auto Show that opens its doors to the media on November 16th. . . . .