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The MINI Cooper D Lacks A Trip Computer?

Jack Yan, writing for Lucire, reviews the MINI Cooper D and is a little disheartened to learn it lacks a trip computer. All other MINIs he has driven have one. He observes,
And here, you forget the engine note. The Cooper D is so entertaining, so responsive, and so nimble that you feel incredibly fulfilled driving it. Quincy Jones’s music works once more. I was so engaged with the experience that this would be my car of choice if I had to do the trip again.
While I never knew what mileage I managed, it would certainly be healthier than the Works (7·1 l/100 km, or 39 mpg, a figure that we never matched, with 32 mpg at the end of our test). But why the Diesel over a car that entertains more often, from the moment you turn on the ignition?
The first is the obvious one: money. With fuel prices heading north constantly, a diesel makes sense, and if BMW’s claim of 72 mpg is true, then this is an excellent proposition—for the heart and the wallet.
The second is something you won’t see road testers admit to: that sometimes, less power is cleverer. It’s a matter of how well that power gets on to the road.
It is not available in the US.  Hey MINI, where's ours?