A-MINI-zing Race - April 24, 2021

Hi Everyone,  Will we have repeat winners for 2021's a-MINI-zing Race on April 24th? Who's up for the challenge agains...

Indy MINI Driving School Will Offer Adult Classes

According to MotoringFile Miles Ahead MINI Driving School at the Indianapolis Speedway will now offer driving courses for adults:

"The full-day adult course is $995, including the use of the JCW Hardtop . . . . So no wearing the tires off your own car. Course activities include:

Precision braking
Cornering and skid control
Timed sector runs
Instructor-driven hot laps
The timed sector runs aspect of the training is especially interesting. You get to compete against the clock and against your fellow students on the track.

Available dates for the adult full-day classes run from June 15th through November 3rd of 2013. Half-day teen classes are also available from June 22nd through October 26th."