Davenport Run - Saturday July 13, 2024

Join the Norcal Minis club for an epic drive from San Jose through the scenic Santa Cruz Mountains! Enjoy stunning vistas and wine tasting a...

Update On NORCAL MINIS' Gold Country Picnic


Meetup at 10:00 a.m. at 800 Ikea Court, West Sacramento, CA.  A group will leave the Burger King at 190 Pittman Rd., Fairfield, CA at 9:00 a.m. to caravan to the Meetup and you are welcome to join in. An additional group will caravan from Sunnyvale, CA.  Check the open NORCAL MINIS' facebook group for details.

Please note that the Club will only provide water as a beverage so please bring your own beverages.   This is a pack it in pack it out park.

Here is the run map to the picnic. Please bring your FRS radios:

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Pack a picnic lunch or food to share. Free lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs for all 2013 NORCAL MINIS' Members. Be sure to wear your orange lanyard and name tag!

Non-members lunch $10/person. Not a member?   Use this Paypal Button to purchase your lunch! -

Members please respond to your email invitations.  Non-Members please RSVP to info@norcalminis.com. This is a public run.

For more information visit the 6/22/13 NORCAL MINIS' Summer Picnic dedicated webpage.