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BMW Attempting To Settle R50 MINI CVT Class Action Lawsuit

MotoringFile reports BMW is seeking California Federal Court approval on a class action lawsuit settlement between BMW of North America and 1,200 MINI owners whose R50 CVT transmissions were replaced out of warranty. It says:
Under the terms of the proposed class action settlement, BMW will reimburse drivers under the eight-year/150,000 mile warranty for all of their out-of-pocket expenses associated with the transmission repair. The plaintiffs have estimated their repair costs to range from $6,000 to $9,000. The proposed class action settlement will also provide a maximum of $4,100 to Class Members who had their Mini Coopers repaired at a third-party facility and up to $2,000 to consumers who sold the vehicles at a loss due to the transmission defects. BMW has also agreed to cover all future repairs for Mini Coopers up to $150,000 miles and eight years.

LATE NOTE: The Federal Court has approved the settlement.