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A MINI Five Door Tow Bar Controversy

WhatCar? discusses one potential disappointment that may dissuade some from getting a MINI 5-door:
I'm still on the subject of the five-door Mini this week because of some people's reactions to it, and its apparent lack of towing capabilities.

According to one disappointed would-be owner writing in to another car publication recently, Mini UK has said neither the F56 nor F55 five-door Mini variants are 'homologated for the fitting of a tow bar', so he wouldn't be buying one.

Sure, you can't have a tow bar mounted cycle rack but the Mini is still a small car, even in five-door guise. If you are looking for a car that can tow heavy loads, I'd wager the Mini won't be at the top of your list.

I understand it may be being touted as family-friendly with its five doors, but in reality that means being able to fit a buggy in the boot and have a bit of welcome extra room for rearseat passengers, not necessarily towing trailers.

However, I am more than wiling to be proved wrong about this: if you have been put off buying a new five-door Mini because it can't tow, please let me know.