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Congratulations MINI ALL4 Racing On Your 4th Consecutive Dakar Rally Win

As The Daily Toggle reports:
A MINI ALL4 Racing has won the challenging Dakar Rally for the fourth straight year. In all, MINI placed 9 cars in the top 10 spots.

The Dakar Rally covered more than 9,000 kilometers through Argentina, Chili and Bolivia. Nasser Al-Attiya/Mathieu Baumel (QT/FR) won five of the 14 legs and were overall winners.

MINI looked very strong from the start. A MINI ALL4 Racing won 11 of 13 stages, five of them being double victories. A MINI took four of the top five spots, and nine of the top 10 spots overall.

MINI ALL4 Racing 2015 Dakar Rally Lineup.

Monster Energy Rally Raid Team

#300 Nani Roma/Michel PĂ©rin (ES/FR)
#305 Orlando Terranova/Bernardo „Ronnie“ Graue (AR/AR)
#306 Krzysztof Holowczyc/Xavier Panseri (PL/FR)

X-raid Team

#310 Vladimir Vasilyev/Konstantin Zhiltsov (RU/RU)
#314 Erik van Loon/Wouter Rosegaar (NL/NL)
#319 Boris Garafulic/Filipe Palmeiro (CL/PT)
#329 Aidyn Rakhimbayev/Anton Nikolaev (KZ/RU)
#332 Zhou Yong/Andreas Schulz (CN/DE)
#334 Stephan Schott/Holm Schmidt (DE/DE)

Qatar Rally Team

#301 Nasser Al-Attiyah/Mathieu Baumel (QT/FR)

2015 Dakar Rally Final Results

#01 Al-Attiyah/Baumel – MINI ALL4 Racing – 40:32:25h
#02 De Villiers/Von Zitzewitz -Pick up Hilux Toyota – 41:07:59h
#03 Holowczyc/Panseri – MINI ALL4 Racing – 42:04:26h

#04 Van Loon/Rosegaar – MINI ALL4 Racing – 43:34:17h
#05 Vasilyev/Zhiltsov – MINI ALL4 Racing – 43:45:06h
#09 Rakhimbayev/Nikolaev – MINI ALL4 Racing – 44:41:09h
#12 Garafulic/Palmeiro – MINI ALL4 Racing – 46:00:34h
#13 Zhou/Schulz – MINI ALL4 Racing – 46:07:49h
#17 Terranova/Graue – MINI ALL4 Racing – 47:39:19h
#21 Schott/Schmidt – MINI ALL4 Racing – 49:51:23h